3 Reasons You May Want Private Water Testing for Your Home

Most cities and municipal organisations will perform water testing in water treatment centres or locations, perhaps taking advantage of the services provided by companies like Agrifood Technology to make sure water is safe. Though this information is available to the public, it may not paint the picture of what the water in your home is doing. This could be for a number of reasons, including things like old pipes and issues with the plumbing leading water to your home. Here are a few instances when you may want to have private water testing for your home and for your health.

Foul Taste in the Water

If you start noticing a foul taste in your water, like a sour or a chemical taste, then you may want to have private water testing for your home. This could mean your filters are not working properly or that you have an issue in the pipes causing some kind of build-up or residue to deposit in your drinking water. If the water testing lab does show that there is a higher amount of a certain chemical in your water, or an issue in the water, they may suggest using a particular type of filter to catch this residue or chemical before it passes into your drinking water.

Ongoing Stomach Illnesses

Having a stomach virus or upset stomach on occasion is something you may be concerned with, but if this same stomach issue occurs on a routine basis or never seems to go away, then you may want the water checked. A water testing lab can test the water to determine if something in the drinking water is causing these issues. They can also test the area water to see if it is just your home or if it is in your neighbourhood. This can be a serious issue that may require new pipes or be as extensive and far-reaching as the local water department changing levels to ensure there are no problems with the area water supply.

Old Plumbing Issues

One reason you may want to have private water testing for your home is due to old plumbing and related issues. You may need to check and see how the water from those pipes tests and if the pipes really need to be replaced. The water testing can show if the internal pipes are depositing anything into your water, if it is dangerous and if filters would help. This can help make some tough financial choices on having pipes replaced or having filters installed instead.

These are just a few reasons that you, as a homeowner, may want to have private water testing. Remember that most water testing will require you to wait as the tests are sent to and analysed by a water testing lab. The lab will send you the results and you can make the proper choices and changes at that time.

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